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MensajePublicado: 08 Ene 2006 18:36    Asunto: Q: What is gravity? Responder citando

Q: What is gravity?

A: The answer cannot be found in today's theories.
Newton only claimed that gravity was an attracting force
between all objects because that's the way things appear --
objects fall to the Earth or approach each other when floating
in outer space. So Newton understandably claimed that it
must be some type of attracting force emanating from objects,
but he gave no scientific explanation for this force. Why does
it attract and not repel? How does it cause falling objects and
orbiting planets without drawing on any known power source?

Einstein was so dissatisfied with our lack of understanding
about gravity even two centuries after Newton that he invented
an entirely new theory of gravity as a warping of "four-
dimensional space-time" known as General Relativity Theory.
But this theory is even more mysterious and unexplained, and
also suffers from the same problems as Newton's gravitational
force theory. What is "four-dimensional space-time" and why
would the mere presence of matter warp it? Can this explain
the weight of objects in our hands or the energy expended by
gravity as it drives the dynamics of the universe? Where is the
apparently unlimited power source for it all?

And, despite both Newton's and Einstein's attempts to explain
gravity, we are still mystified by it today. Scientists are
searching for "graviton particles" within the atom or "gravity
waves" rippling through deep space, hoping for some sort of
physical verification for one gravitational theory or another.
Meanwhile, they are inventing even further theories of gravity,
such as Quantum Gravity and String Theory. Gravity is a
complete mystery in our science even today, which our
scientists openly admit, as in this excerpt from a recent
Discover Magazine article (Oct, 2003):

For Michael Martin Nieto, a theoretical physicist at Los
Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the mystery
involves much more than a few hunks of spacefaring
hardware; it reveals that there might be something wrong
with our understanding of gravity, the most pervasive
force in the universe. "We don't know anything," he says.
"Everything about gravity is mysterious."

==> To learn what gravity truly is, see Chapter 2
where a new and totally overlooked atomic
principle is revealed
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